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     Thank you for considering in partnering with us in your passion for the martial arts and serving the Lord. We have been established since 2006 and have been awarded great avenues of administrative and ministry support. It is our hopes to add effectiveness and sustainability to your ministry.

Getting started?

Simply call or text to set up a phone conference and if its a fit for the both of us, an application will be sent to you via email or postal.

Tommy @ 361.815.8496



If have a passion for Martial Arts and you Love the Lord  you may be called to the Martial Arts ministry! Please take time to pray to the Lord and ask for direction in your life. Jesus is transforming lives through the Martial Arts community. The popularity of Mixed Martial Arts is an opportunity to reach those that have yet to find the Lord's grace. Disciples are in high demand! According to Proverbs 11:30 (And he who is wise wins souls…), we are being called to use our knowledge of Martial Arts to share the good news of the gospel. Lost and hurting souls are being brought out of the darkness into the light!


Associate Ministry Program
* 9 month Director's certification

* Grappling: Beginner/Intermediate/Advance

* Striking: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced

* Kid's program

* Women's program

* Teaching experience

* Ministry Credential













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